• Sunday, August 21, 2022

Update Sept 2022

There were two news for you today, the first is regarding the pricing adjustment on a few of our services which include the pricing for the (.com) domain extension, since Verisign has decided to increase the price for 7% every year and planned to be increase in 10 years (2030). The pricing adjustment will be applied on the 1st September 2022.  We had no choice but to adjust our pricing accordingly to ensure our business can hold up, we are really sorry since this is out of our control but as we promised we will keep providing the best service to you all. Just for your information about our DirectAdmin package that comes with a free domain, we have never been increasing our price since we launched our product in 2015. After this seven years, this is actually the first time we increased it, and it was not our decision to increase it but because of the domain price increase and DirectAdmin licence price also has been increased. Again we are really sorry to every single of you. 


So below are the details of the price adjustment we made on our package and services. 

  • (.com) extension
    • New Registration: RM 53/year
    • Renewal: RM 55/year
  • DirectAdmin with Free Domains plans
    • Standard Plan: RM 115/year
    • Business Plan: RM 140/year
    • Super Power Plan: RM 165/year
  • cPanel Hosting with Free domain
    • Standard (SG) (cPanel) Plan: RM 180/year
    • Business (SG) (cPanel) Plan: RM 200/year
    • Super Power (SG) (cPanel) Plan: RM 225/year


We really appreciate every single one of you that keeps supporting our service. As to honour, we had decided to not increase the price of the service that is already active until the next renewal, which means, for example your service will be expired on 2nd September 2022, and you will still be paying the renewal with the same price until your next renewal (2nd September 2023), then you will be charged with a new price. Besides, the price adjustment will be fully implemented after September 2023 to all active service with us. We really hope this could help you to make adjustments and give you one year to prepare for these price changes. 

As for good news, we have introduced a new remote backup service, which the price is just RM 5/Month, and it comes with 50 GB of backup storage. This backup comes with features that support backup retention up to 5 backup and the backup frequency from as low as 1 hour, which is the perfect solution for your disaster recovery plan where you can restore your service to the latest 1 hour state. At the moment this backup will support the file backup via FTP/SSH and support database backup for MySQL, MariaDB and PostgreSQL. You can subscribe for this backup directly through our portal under Additional Services. The other good news is our reseller hosting will be restocking at the end of September, this time the reseller hosting is located in Istanbul, Turkey which will offer lower latency for your customer. 

Yes, that is for now for the update. Again we are really sorry to inform you regarding this adjustment, and we hope that you all keep supporting our services and from our end we will continue providing the most affordable service with the superb quality to all of you.