Inside the File Manager, you can compress any files or folder. To compress the files it required to use the clipboard function. This article will guide you how to compress the files inside the file manager step by step.


The first step is after you enter the File Manager, select all the files/folder that you need to be compress then the menu will appear at the top of the files manager, then you need to choose clipboard.


Next step is to go to the bottom of the file manager, and new selection box and button (refer image below)

Inside the selection of the Clipboard Actions. choose the Compress File, after that new popup modal will appear.


Next in the popup modal, then you can set File Name and can choose the output of  File Type of the compress files. You can choose between tar.gz or zip files.


Then to finish the process click the Compress button.  And you will receive the notification message said "COMPRESSED FILE CREATED" (refer image below)


And you can files the compress files under the same directory that you select the files or refer to the notification message to locate the files. And you now can download or use the files in anyway you need.


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