What is Redemption Grace Period (RGP)?

Domains will reach Redemption Grace Period state if a domain name have been expired and was not renew during the renewal grace period.


What is purpose of having Redemption Grace Period (RGP)?

Redemption Grace Period provides the owner with one last chance to recover the domain before it is deleted; for example if the owner deleted the domain accidentally.


How to restore a domain name that under Redemption Grace Period (RGP)?

The Redemption Grace Period is costly, both in fees and effort. User discourage from renew a domain name during RGP and encourage to renew domains before expiry or during the renewal grace period when a renewal can be conducted with the registry in real time and for no additional cost.

If User wishes to restore a domain name:

  • Open support ticket and ask for restore the domain.
  • New invoices will be created within 48 hours that will show the total price to restore.
  • The domain name can only be reverted back to the original registrant (original Whois information);
  • Made payment and wait for the confirmation from billing team
  • It will take approximately 3-5 business days to complete the entire process;
  • Domain name will renew for one year when the domain was restored successfully.


What will happen if I did not restore the domain?

If Users did not restore the domain under RGP, it will either drop into “pending delete” state in which the domain will be release for public re-registration soon or immediately release for public re-registration. At this stage, you may re-register your domain and saves the cost to restore the domain. This is the best solution and less expensive cost compared to do the restoration. 


Why ServerMY charge us for the restoration fee?

Restoration process is costly, both in fees and effort and the restoration fee is charge by the respective registry accordingly.


For more information, take a look at Redemption Grace Periods for Deleted Names at the ICANN Website

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