The Free Students Hosting Program aims to help students or education professional to accomplish their goals by providing free hosting service and domain at minimum price that could be afford by any people.

Getting Started

Here is the guide how to apply for Free Student Hosting Program.

Register Your Account

First you need to register account at Please use your education / university email during registration to make the verification process faster.

Verification Process

It could take up to 24 hours for the verification process to verify you eligible for this program or not.

Choose Your Plan

After your account is verified, you need to choose your desire plan that you want to apply, for more information about plan details please see below. You may click button Order Now below to directly to place order the plan.

Account Activation

We will active your account instantly once everything is fine, then send your account details through email or you can access from our portal.

Finish and Good Luck

Once you receive all details then you are free to use your hosting in any way, but please make sure not abuse the service.

What we offer to you?...

cPanel control panel

Complete web hosting features using latest version of cPanel.

Zero Payment

You don't need to pay anything, just verify your account and ready to use instantly.


We enable from PHP 5.6 until 7.2 and support usage of database and others features offer by cPanel.

No Advertisement / Backlink

We will not put any ads into your website or any pop-ups and banners. It's is complete yours.

Choose the perfect plan

You may choose the plan that suit with your budget or just apply for free hosting.

RM 0

Per year

RM 45

Per year

RM 85

Per year

Frequently asked questions

We are proud to announce this program since this program would help lot of student out there that required hosting services for their project or assignment.  We are offering the FREE or LOWEST COST HOSTING with unlimited features that web hosting should have without any limitation like others free services. You will have fully featured hosting account to host your website, your coursework, create your own email account and much more. This is absolutely free.

Any current or incoming student at a known university in Malaysia can apply for this program. He/She must be able to provide documentation to support the verification process.

The verification is really simple, where you only need to register your account using university email or email that have (@edu) domain that will indicate you as student or we will contact you by person to verify you really student or not, because we need to make sure this program only for the right person.

No, there is no hidden fee. Students hosting plan is absolutely free for max of 12 months usage or more. You do not need to pay anything. For others plan the price you pay only the cost of domain not the hosting services.

Nope! absolutely No!.. We do not publish any banners, pop-ups or ads on your site. Your website will be 100% ads free forever.

Yes you do, you can create your own email and database through our control panel.

Yes, of course. You will have full access to install third party CMS for your site. We also provide you with auto installer  inside your cPanel where you can use softaculous – one click App installer to install third party CMS for your site easily.

If there is any question or inquires please directly contact us

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